Opening Plenary

Opening Remarks:

  • Curt Spalding, Region 1 Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Gina McCarthy, Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Keynote Presentation:


Recorded plenary coming soon!

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  1. Question #2: What have been the greatest challenges you have faced in your work in community involvement?

    • Jeanne Du Bois

      The limits of time. Funding for organizers can be found. Making sure we organize before, during, and after development can happen. Time is our main enemy, and we all have to make decisions about that. When organizing goes well, the people take the lead, new talents spring up like flowers, and then we all have more time.

  2. Question #1: What has been your greatest success in community involvement? What made it great?

    • Hey this is a great question, can’t wait to see more responses!

    • Jeanne Du Bois

      The Hendry Street story. Dorchester Bay EDC bought 14 foreclosed three-deckers (for an average of $170K) on 3 streets where 18 were boarded up. Renovated them with stimulus funds and resold them (average $270K) to new first time home buyers. Dorchester Bay EDC organizers at the same time helped build a strong neighborhood crime watch, started block parties, and eventually demanded city and police attention to shut down two major drug depots and arrest 27 people involved in heavy organized crime for many years. Now the street is safe, and we had 200 people of all ages out for a celebration with the city and police on June 15th. Kids on big wheels; teens kicking soccer balls around. Main question is “whose house are we going to now?”

  3. mseltzer

    Dudley Village: Solar Power has been implemented. Buildings in the Village are LEED Certified. Eco-Innovation District. The village is presently weatherizing
    15% of homes. See photos here:

    • Jeanne Du Bois

      I’m afraid the Eco Innovation District and the 15% of homes weatherized is the story for Codman Square NDC’s Talbot Norfolk Triangle, not this Dudley Village neighborhood. We’re all watching to see how that pilot goes. Jeanne

  4. mseltzer

    Quincy Heights Buildings: 129 Units along Quincy Street Will be LEED Certified.

  5. mseltzer

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